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The about us page attempts to explain what 'Grey Nomads are...The "About Us' page also says a little about our home, car and caravan..

We are part time 'grey nomads' -  'Snowbirds' in North America


The term 'grey nomads' is an endearing one, it refers to, usually older, people who in retirement spend a lot of their lives traveling the roads of Australia, similar situations in many other countries, for more on this check out the "Overseas' page...they may have a motorhome, tow a caravan or camper or even just simply take a tent...regardless of how they travel they often have one thing in common, they have few plans, they dont really care where they go or how long they take to get there.

Oh, we are 'part time' because true nomads dont actually have a bricks and mortar home, (or, in our case, timber and nails) just the one on wheels.



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